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We started a Better Business

Financial rewards and personal freedom with a iQ Cleaning Franchise

IQ cleaning's owners in IQ cleaning clothing

"Our nights and weekends are ours. We don't check emails, voicemail...nothing. We can do whatever We want to do."

Marcio and Jacky iQ Cleaning Franchisee ORLANDO, FL

Choose not just a business

but a lifestyle

For a long time you’ve thought about being your own boss, taking control of your work, your finances, your life. You want two things:

A business that fulfills the dream of being your own boss, of paying yourself and not someone else;

A business that will let you have the freedom to live on your own terms, travel when you want, spend more time with family, and the flexibility to enjoy your life.

A home cleaning franchise with iQ Cleaning can offer exactly what you want.

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iQ Home cleaning is

a better business

The home cleaning industry has so much to offer. Forget the hot kitchens, late nights and weekends of food service or the latest retail and fitness fads. Here are a few of the great perks of home cleaning:

  • Steady, recurring revenue

  • No wasted inventory

  • Free nights, weekends

  • Affordable start-up costs

  • A product always in demand

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IQ cleaning owner marcio standing
IQ cleaning logo for premium home services

Choosing a iQ Cleaning Franchise

A iQ Cleaning franchise is truly unique—and not in just the home cleaning industry. We've tossed out those outdated franchise rules that have given franchising a bad name. We value creativity, knowledge and good, ole-fashioned friendliness.

We're Franchisee Friendly

There are hundreds of "little rules" other franchisors have. We hate them. You should too.

We’re Franchisee Flexible

We get systems. But most franchisors take it too far. No un-needed rules here.

Dynamic Marketing & High Tech

We've created some amazing tools to help you run your business in the modern age.

Support Tailored Just For You

We believe everyone is different and support should be exactly the way you want it.

An investment that fits your budget

Initial Franchise Fee

Additional Working Capital

Total Estimated Initial Investment*


$59,560 to $84,800

$94,560 to $119,800


All Markets

Multi-Unit / 2+ Locations

Average Monthly Revenue**



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