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As a professional cleaning company, COVID-19 isn’t the first deadly pathogen that we’ve worked around. Understanding the risk involved with what we do, we’ve always taken great precautions to keep our teams and clients safe. We understand universal precautions and rules of contamination. With Coronavirus, we’re staying informed of important developments and providing our service using all of the best practices and recommendations as directed by the CDC and WHO.

Due to the nature COVID-19, we’re taking even greater precautions to ensure your safety and our own. Contamination is serious and we’re doing everything possible to prevent the spread. We start by requiring team members submit to a temperature check and answer important health questions, daily. Teams are equipped with all of the proper PPE to do each job safely: masks, gloves, shoe covers, hand-sanitizer, and EPA approved disinfectants. New gloves are worn at each service and disposed of upon completion. Before and after each job, teams sanitize their hands and non-disposable equipment like broom handles, vacuum heads and handles, etc. Additionally, rags have never been and will not be shared between homes.

In order to keep our city safe, we’re offering a preventative cleaning package. This service entails cleaning all of the high-touch points and easily accessible surfaces within your home using EPA approved products known to eliminate SARS-CoV-2 and other forms of Coronavirus. We’ll thoroughly clean handles and knobs on cabinets, doors, drawers, dressers, appliances, etc.; the surface and frames of doors to rooms, cabinets, appliance doors, etc.; tabletops, counter tops, dressers, desks, shelves, etc.; plumbing handles and faucets, etc.; and more. Prices for this package start at $100 and vary depending on the size and other unique factors of your home and needs.

For commercial decontamination services, call our office for a custom quote at 202-759-3664.

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