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Why Choose iQ Home Care?

Comprehensive Solutions: We handle everything from sparkling interiors to a glowing exterior, saving you time and effort. (Informative keyword: comprehensive)
Expert Technicians: Our highly trained and insured professionals guarantee top-notch service.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: We prioritise your happiness and ensure every service meets or exceeds your expectations.

Ready to Experience the iQ Home Care Difference?

Exterior house cleaning in
washington DC

Washington DC's harsh weather takes a toll on your home's exterior. Dirt, grime, and mildew build up, leaving your house looking dull and tired. iQ Home Care offers
professional exterior house  cleaning services to restore your home's beauty and boost its curb appeal.

We tackle even the toughest jobs:

Power Washing:
Our high-powered cleaning removes dirt, grime, and mildew from siding, walkways, patios, and even roofs (with low-pressure washing).Gutter Cleaning: We clear clogged gutters to prevent water damage and ensure proper drainage.
Deck and Patio Cleaning: We bring back the vibrancy of your outdoor living spaces with a thorough cleaning.

Interior House cleaning in
washington Dc

Yearning for a fresh start but dreading the cleaning marathon? Look no further than iQHome Care! We are a top-rated interior cleaning service provider dedicated totransforming your Washington DC house into a sparkling haven.

Carpet Cleaning in
Washington DC

Looking to breathe new life into your Washington DC home's carpets? Look no further thaniQ Home Care, the leading provider of interior and exterior House cleaning servicesincluding exceptional carpet cleaning services in Washington Dc.Restore Beauty and Freshness:

Our certified technicians use advanced cleaning methods to remove dirt, allergens, andstains, leaving your carpets remarkably clean and looking their best.

Lighting Services in
washington Dc

Discover expert lighting services in Washington DC with IQ Home Care. for your residentialSpace, our skilled team crafts tailored lighting solutions for every need. Illuminate your worldwith brilliance. Contact us today!"